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Read to Grow

The mission of Read to Grow is to promote language skills and literacy for children, beginning at birth, and to support parents as their babies' first teachers. We operate with two programs: Books for Babies and Books for Kids, and have given more than 1.5 million free children's books in our 17 years. Research shows that babies begin learning rapidly at birth. Brain growth and development are greatest during a child's first three years. Parents who regularly read, talk, sing, and play with their babies help them develop language and pre-literacy skills that are necessary to be successful in school. Census data show that close to a quarter of American children live in poverty or near-poverty. By age 3, many children in low-income homes have not heard enough words to be prepared for success in school. Some have heard as many as 30 million fewer words than have children in higher-income homes. Also, of children struggling to learn to read in 1st grade, nearly 90% will be poor readers in 4th grade, when reading to learn is essential. Our vision is that every family -- regardless of income, race and primary language -- will understand the critical importance of early childhood literacy and will take an active role in their child's reading development. Also, all children in Connecticut will have books of their own.

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