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Wallingford Public Access

To empower the people of Wallingford to meet their own communication needs, as they define them, by facilitating digital media creation and managing its public distribution.Use of WPAA-TV digital media tools can help inform, connect, and build community through the production of ideas, opinions, stories, news, information and/or performance. WPAA-TV facilitates production of digital media and distributes community access and public service information prioritizing support for Wallingford developed media. WPAA-TV provides its Users with the tools and the stage. WPAA-TV operates as "Your Town, Your Station" distributing programs by the community, for the community.WPAA-TV is the provider of government or education programming that the Town, or Board of Education, chooses not to support, or fails in their obligation to provide.

28 South Orchard St
Wallingford, CT 06492

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